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Human body louse (page 6 in book)

Buckeye  (page 32 in book)

Oriental cockroach  (page 44 in book)

Common blue violet  (page 54 in book)

Common blue violet [continued]  (page 66 in book)

Common groundsel  (page 90 in book)

Dogs  (page 104 in book)

Common morning glory  (page 126 in book)

Eastern garter snake  (page 194 in book)

House finch  (page 204 in book)

Lambsquarters  (page 214 in book)

Leafhoppers and planthoppers  (page 228 in book)

Milkweed aphid  (page 236 in book)

Pavement ant  (page 270 in book)

Red-eared slider  (page 284 in book)

Common ragweed  (page 296 in book)

Boxelder  (page 314 in book)

Japanese mazus  (page 318 in book)

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